The Problem Toodle Solves

Toodle In a Nutshell

"Toodle a task"


"Toodle a reminder"


"Toodle an image"


"Toodle my homework"


"Toodle a business plan"


"Toodle a birthday"

Toodle It is to be reminded to complete a task

"Toodle my vacation"


"Toodle my driving lesson"


"Toodle my meeting"


"Toodle my shopping list"


"Toodle an anniversary"


"Toodle my pizza in the oven"

We are now building the Toodle application and infrastructure.



The Problem Toodle Solves

Toodle is a fun web and mobile application that provides preloaded tasks and activities across all aspects of our lives.

Use Toodle to create reminders for your tasks, upload and share images/videos related to the activities and learn how to do them.


Toodle captures, notifies individual of tasks and reminders that cut across every aspect of our lives- whether you are a primary school student, secondary school student, university student, worker or professional.


The app keeps an individual abreast whilst on the go with voice recognition driven reminders, alerts and notifications.


Toodle also enhances collaboration and sharing information on tasks across a social media platform.


Shared data includes imagery and text that outline task milestones to your contact network with notifications.


Toodle caters for capturing, managing tasks and reminders in a fun manner for kids aged between 6-12 by providing all its features in a smart  wristwatch with GPS functionality. The in-built SOS feature will warn off predators.








There is also an exhaustive list of preloaded tasks and reminders catering for all aspects of our lives.



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